RCE Consulting has 38 years of regulatory compliance and radiation safety experience in nuclear power plant operations, nuclear chemistry, health physics, nuclear waste processing, trace detection equipment and the radiation emitting devices industry. The radiation emitting devices industry includes baggage and industrial cabinet x-ray equipment, full body back-scatter and transmission x-ray imaging equipment and Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) Cargo Screening systems using high energy linear accelerator equipment for cargo container inspections.

RCE Consulting specializes in radiation program development and implementation, as well as US FDA radiation emitting device submittals, all States regulatory compliance and registration requirements for owners, manufacturers and distributors AND both Canadian federal and provincial regulatory compliance and registration requirements for owners, manufacturers and distributors.

RCE Consulting has extensive experience in the development and presentation of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and x-ray operator radiation safety training programs specific to cabinet x-ray operations that meet the requirements of ALL State radiation control agencies and Health Canada / Provincial radiation control agencies.

RCE Consulting has provided radiation protection programs, RSO (Custodian) training and cabinet x-ray operator radiation safety training to more than 300+ RSO’s and 18,000+ x-ray operators for security installations in courthouses, jails, mail-rooms, Olympic venues, global summits, casino’s, cruise lines and air freight carriers, as well as hundreds of food processing and packaging facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

RCE Consulting is registered to provide the services described and is approved in writing by Health Canada to provide radiological compliance and training services at both federal and provincially regulated facilities throughout Canada.