regulatory requirements

Every OWNER of a radiation machine MUST comply with their State Radiation Control Agency regulatory and registration requirements for each radiation machine possessed on site. The only exception are OWNERS of cabinet x-ray machines installed in New York (see Exemption 11).

OWNERS should be aware that every manufacturer or the distributor who sold you the radiation machine MUST report by law, EVERY sale and installation to the applicable State Radiation Control Agency within the State designated reporting time frame which varies from 10 days to 90 days in some States.

In addition, below is a list of 35 States which also currently require the manufacturer and/or distributor who intends to sell, lease, lend, transfer, dispose of, install, assemble or repair radiation machines, MUST register with each of the below State Radiation Control Agencies the manufacturer and/or distributor intend to provide these services. This State required registration is often referred to as Vendor / Assembler Registration as described in the States registration regulations.

RCE Consulting maintains a current inventory of all blank State Vendor/Assembler application forms upon request.

The OWNER is responsible to verify (obtain proof of registration) that the manufacturer, distributor, and/or installer is registered with the applicable State Radiation Control Agency to provide these services. State regulations require the owner to refuse service if proof of registration cannot be provided:

Alabama                                           Minnesota                            Mississippi

Alaska                                               Nebraska

Arizona                                             Nevada

Arkansas                                          New Hampshire

Colorado                                          New Mexico

Delaware                                          New York

District of Columbia                      North Carolina

Florida                                              North Dakota

Hawaii                                              Ohio

Idaho                                                Oregon

Illinois                                              Pennsylvania

Iowa                                                  Rhode Island

Kentucky                                          South Carolina

Louisiana                                         Tennessee

Maine                                                Texas

Maryland                                          Utah

Massachusetts                                 West Virginia

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