regulatory compliance

With over 38 years of experience in both the nuclear industry and the past 14 years in the x-ray inspection and high energy cargo inspection industries, as an expert in this field, RCE Consulting has successfully provided comprehensive regulatory compliance, licensing/registration assistance, written radiation protection programs & procedures and radiation safety training to hundreds of facilities and thousands of x-ray equipment operators.

RCE Consulting has been providing regulatory compliance guidance, materials, State specific radiation protection programs, Radiation Safety Officer training and x-ray operator radiation safety training to facilities who own and operate cabinet x-ray equipment. These same services have also been provided to facilities who own and operate Non Intrusive Inspection (NII) High Energy Cargo Inspection equipment, hand held radiation detection instrumentation use, radioactive material sealed source device systems for level detection and explosive & narcotic detection in both the security / first responder industry, indirect air carrier / air cargo industry (baggage and large cabinet type inspection systems and linear accelerator based inspection systems).

RCE Consulting specializes in providing regulatory compliance, Radiation Safety Officer and cabinet x-ray equipment operator and support staff  radiation safety training for the food processing and packaging industries in nearly every State and every Canadian Province (both Federal and Provincially regulated facilities).

RCE Consulting serves the following industries who purchase, own and operate radiation emitting, monitoring or x-ray inspection equipment used in:

Aviation Air Cargo & Transportation such as indirect air carriers, freight forwarders, cruise ship entry checkpoints;

Critical Infrastructure such as jails, prisons, mail-rooms, courthouses;

Food Processing & Packaging facilities who utilize x-ray inspection technology, in part, for foreign material detection to enhance their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program.

Law Enforcement such as building entry checkpoints, full body screening checkpoints, and first responders;

Ports & Borders such as border control security check points, sea ports, or other large cargo container inspection facilities;

State / Local / Corporate / Hotel / Casino’s building security checkpoints & mail-rooms;

Schools / Universities / Hospitals / Private Building security checkpoints using non-medical baggage and cabinet x-ray equipment or for experimental work using x-rays.

Below is a list of just some of the companies who have benefited from our regulatory compliance and radiation safety training services in both the United States and Canada (both federal and provincially regulated facilities).

Additional regulatory compliance services are now being offered to manufacturers and their distributors whom all have regulatory, registration and reporting responsibilities when selling, leasing, and/or installing x-ray inspection equipment. See “Regulatory Compliance Services – Distributors” for detailed information about these services.

In the United States:                                          International:

Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA (IL)                  Ferrero Canada Ltd (ON)
Arysta (NJ)                                                          Gay Lea Foods (ON)
Magnetic Products Inc. (MI)                               Maple Leaf Foods (NB, SK)
Gainco Inc. (GA)                                                Unilever Canada Inc. (ON)
Smithfield Farms (KS, NC)                                Crosby Molasses (NB)
Yoplait (CA)                                                        Dure Foods (ON)
Green Bay Dressed Beef (WI)                           Canadian Coast Guard (BC)
Johnsonville Sausage (WI)                                United Parcel Services (UPS) (ON & QC)
Paradise Tomato Kitchens (CA & KY)                DHL (ON)
Kuehne + Nagel (NJ, GA, TX, CA, IL)                Mark Crest Foods (BC)
Hastings Foods (NE)                                         Cavendish Farms (AB, ON)
Air General (VA & TX)                                       Shape Foods (MB)
FedEx (GA, TX, CA)                                          Areodrome International Security (ON)
Dupont-Danisco (NY)                                        Michelin Tires (NS)
Allen Harim (DE)                                               Jasper Wyman & Sons (PE)
General Mills (MN)                                            Campbells (ON)
Kelloggs (GA)                                                    Maidestone Bakeries (ON)
Chobani (ID)                                                     Diaya Foods (BC)
Kraft Heinz Co. (SC, IA)                                    Kraft Foods (ON)
Jelsert (IL)                                                          Pure Indulgence Foods (AB)
Toyoto (CA)                                                        Wrigley’s Canada (ON)
Wynn Resorts (NV)                                            La Brea Bakery (ON)
Dauphin County Courthouse (PA)                    Produits de NOS Grand-Mere (QB)
Home Market Foods (MA)                                VLR Food Corporation (ON)
Trinity Valley dba Brakebush Brothers             Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee (ON)
AROL North America (US)                                Kitchen Partners (AB)
Bel Beans (WI)                                                   McCain Foods (AB)
Musco Olive (CA)                                               Blackrock (UK)(Japan)(Hong Kong)
Monogram Foods (MN, VA)                              Mondelez (Ontario)
Nestle (OH)
Fannie May Fine Chocolate (OH)
Smithfield Foods (NC)
Advance Pierre (OK)
Amick Farms (MD)
Best Maid (TX)
Butterball (NC)
Cargill (OH & WI)
Fieldale Farms (GA)
Koch Foods (AR & MS)
Peco Foods (MS)
Seaboard Triumph (IA)
Snyder-Lance (NC)
Sun-Maid (CA)
Tyson (GA)
Victoria Fine Foods (NY)