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  1. Welcome to this unique Radiation Safety Officer training course designed specifically for YOU and your facility which now own and intend to operate non-medical, security & industrial x-ray systems.

At every facility, one individual must be listed on your State specific X-Ray equipment Application for Registration form designating this individual as responsible for radiation safety at your facility, this individual is often referred to as the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). You have been selected for this position and as a result, you must now gain the knowledge, information and materials you will need to implement and document an effective and State compliant radiation protection program. You have come to the right place !!

RCE Consulting offers a cost effective and complete turnkey radiation protection program and training materials required by all State ionizing radiation regulations. My name is Steve Norris, the owner of RCE Consulting. I am a Health Physicist with over 38 years of experience in the nuclear power, nuclear waste processing and radiation emitting device manufacturing industry. As a Radiation Safety Officer myself for much of my career, I have worked for some of the largest corporations in these industries. I started RCE Consulting in 2008 with the specific goal of providing regulatory compliance and radiation safety training services to YOU, the new facility RSO, and to your x-ray equipment operators.

There are numerous “Radiation Safety Officer courses” available to you which can be taken at an off-site location at a substantial cost or even online, however; they are NOT designed specifically for your application and therefore they provide you with very little information about your specific State requirements. They likely do NOT offer a comprehensive regulatory required written Radiation Protection Plan (RPP), procedures and forms necessary to implement an effective program like RCE Consulting offers. Our RPP is literally a “turnkey” service.

This Radiation Safety Officer course is laser focused on the applicable and specific regulations, requirements and information you will need to understand in order to meet your States regulatory requirements for owning any non-medical, security & industrial x-ray systems.

This Radiation Safety Officer training course combines the knowledge and years of experience obtained in this industry to address the specific requirements, issues, frequently asked questions and typical operator concerns most facility Radiation Safety Officers will encounter.

Before we get started, please know that in order for you to take this RSO course, you must first successfully complete the prerequisite 2 hour course titled CABINET X-RAY OPERATOR RADIATION SAFETY TRAINING COURSE offered on this website.

It is strongly recommended that you order the TURNKEY RADIOLOGICAL COMPLIANCE SERVICES ON COMPACT DISC (CD)/FLASH DRIVE or DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IMMEDIATELY from the Download RP Program page. Both options are exactly the same and contain a regulatory required comprehensive written Radiation Protection Program (see your States “Standards for Protection Against Radiation” regulations), supporting work instructions, forms, State regulations and all registration forms, additional training materials and miscellaneous documents such as NRC Regulatory Guides, emergency procedures and a x-ray equipment disposal procedure.


You Can Order the Entire Program on CD/Flash Drive for $895 by Contacting RCE Consulting at or call us at 843-650-9724 or 865-696-9117. We will simply invoice you same day, you can purchase through our easy, safe and secure online payment portal available using your debit card, credit card or PayPal account. Your packaged CD/Flash drive will be shipped to you within 48 hours via UPS Ground.

You Can Also Access the Complete RP Program IMMEDIATELY for $795 by Downloading the entire Program from the DOWNLOAD RP PROGRAM page before you take this RSO course OR you can use your own materials. You can Save $100 using the Immediate Download Option. 

Be advised that this course has been developed with the assumption you have or will be purchasing the Compact Disc (CD)/Flash Drive or download the entire program immediately since it contains EVERYTHING you will need to be compliant and successful in implementing your Radiation Protection Program. During the RSO course you will be referred to specific work instructions and forms contained in the RPP on the CD/Flash Drive or Downloaded RPP.

Purchasing is easy, safe and secure using the online payment portal using your debit card, credit card or PayPal account. For On-Site training request, simply contact RCE Consulting directly for a quote at our Office at 843-650-9724, by Mobile at 865-696-9117 or send us an email to

Upon receipt of your order and payment, the packaged CD and Flash Drive will be shipped to you within 48 hours via UPS to the name and address provided.

Our Cabinet X-Ray radiation safety training courses can be taken at your leisure from your smart phone, your tablet, your laptop or a desktop computer. All you need to access a course is an internet connection and some speakers or headsets to listen.