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This 90-minute security/baggage type cabinet x-ray operator training course has been developed to provide general instruction, guidance and understanding of the operation of a standard cabinet x-ray system used primarily for security checkpoints at facilities that have implemented increased security screening measures such as, but not limited to, direct and indirect air carriers, mailrooms, courthouses, casino’s, schools, cruise line ship checkpoints, entry points at both jails and prisons and other critical infrastructure facilities.

This course provides a review of the regulatory requirements and safety precautions and practices a cabinet x-ray operator must be aware of and practice along with the actual common image display features and controls of a typical cabinet x-ray system. While there are many different manufacturers, applications and sizes of cabinet x-ray equipment, most all have very similar operational features which this course will discuss.

The x-ray operator MUST refer to each x-ray equipment manufacturer’s operating manual to obtain the specifics on the safety features and controls AND the operation of your specific equipment. RCE Consulting, LLC does not endorse or recommend any specific manufacturer. If the x-ray equipment is designated as a cabinet x-ray system then they ALL must meet the FDA performance standard contained in 21 CFR 1020.40, 21 CFR 1010.2 and 21 CFR 1010.3.

This course is NOT designed to provide any training on image interpretation.

Before taking this online course, the x-ray operator must FIRST take the 2 hour NEW – U.S. CABINET X-RAY OPERATOR RADIATION SAFETY TRAINING COURSE as a prerequisite. The online software has been set to ensure you take the first course. You will not be able to proceed to take this course until you complete the radiation safety course first.