RCE Consulting, LLC has teamed up with our affiliate partner XRI Imaging Solutions, LLC xrisolutions.com to provide x-ray operators of Full Body X-Ray Security Screening Systems used primarily at jails, intake centers and correctional facilities across the United States and Canada with x-ray image interpretation training. It is imperative that the x-ray operator have an understanding of human anatomy in order to identify potential contraband hidden inside the body.

ANSI N43.17 (2009), Section 8.2.5 states, in part:

a. “Each operator shall be provided with training on the operation and use of the security screening system(s). At a minimum, this training shall include pre-operational checks, operation of the system, subject positioning, interpretation of images, procedures to be followed if the system is damaged or malfunctions, and practical operational experience”.

b. Each individual associated with the operation of the security screening system shall be provided radiation safety training prior to performing security screening operations.

RCE Consulting, LLC and XRI Imaging Solutions, LLC have the proper radiation measurement instrumentation described in Annex C and over 40 years of performing all types of radiation surveys on all types of sources of radiation. Section 8.2.7 Radiation Surveys states, in part: “Radiation surveys shall verify subject dose, radiation leakage, inspection zone, radiation area, and any other parameters specified by the manufacturer”.

Surveys shall be performed:
a. Upon installation. b. At least once every 12 months. c. After any maintenance that affects the radiation shielding, shutter mechanism, or x-ray production components. d. After any incident that may have damaged the system in such a way that unintended radiation emission occurs.

Refer to Annex C for information on radiation measurements and selection of instruments.

You can contact either company to discuss your regulatory compliance, image interpretation and/or radiation survey needs at rce1020@gmail.com or https://www.xrisolutions.com/contact.

If you own and operate a security/baggage type cabinet x-ray system used to provide enhanced security inspection measures at airports, courthouses, jails, intake centers, correctional facilities, critical infrastructure buildings, museums, mailrooms and corporate buildings, RCE Consulting, LLC can meet all of your regulatory, registration, radiation protection program and regulatory required training needs. XRI Imaging Solutions, LLC www.xrisolutions.com can provide the image interpretation training and/or the required annual radiation emission leakage survey of the cabinet x-ray equipment AND the general areas surrounding the cabinet to allow the owner to meet your regulatory requirement of “Demonstrating Compliance with the Dose Limits to Members of the Public” found in your States “Standards for Protection Against Radiation” regulations.

No matter where these security checkpoint x-ray inspection machines are used, they are only as effective as the individual analyzing each image. The x-ray operator has the all important decision to make as to whether the item being screened is safe or suspect.

Today there are 3-color (Orange, Blue & Green) x-ray inspection systems and 6-color x-ray inspection systems. There are also x-ray inspection systems in use today that offer 3_D imaging using CT technology and resonance tomography for checked baggage inspection. All of these systems rely solely on the operators “interpretation” of the image. Is your operator proficient to identify weapons, drugs, and explosive devices?

Please contact RCE Consulting, LLC or XRI Imaging Solutions, LLC to discuss your regulatory compliance, registration, RSO & X-ray operator radiation safety training and image interpretation training needs, or radiation survey requests at rce1020@gmail.com or www.xrisolutions.com/contact.